Managed IT Solutions & Support

Managed IT Solutions & Support

An all-inclusive cloud voip phone system solution to give your business a competitive edge.
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Whilst offering ‘Support as a Service’ we understand the benefits of a predictable monthly cost and the need to remove hidden charges. Paying a fixed price per server and desktop, your monthly bill simply scales up as your infrastrucure expands.

Our cost effective monthly payments reflect the true cost of supporting you and gives you access to our team of consultants and their extensive experience completely free of charge.

From small offices to complex multi-tenant infrastructures, we understand the importance of providing a variety of support level options.

For your mission critical equipment, our ‘Premium’ support gives you a fully managed service that provides comprehensive support on a par with employing an internal IT support team. All parts involved in getting you back up and running are included whilst we will also provide loan kit in order to minimise downtime.

For those organisations with some expertise in house or for organisations with a tight budget, our ‘Advanced’ or ‘Remote Only’ support provides a stripped down solution including unlimited telephone support, help and advice to get you back up and running when a problem occurs.

Combined with our 24/7 monitoring software we are able to proactively monitor key server performance indicators in order to identify and prevent issues before they develop into headaches for your business.

We believe that not changing IT Support provider just because your existing company have knowledge of your systems is simply not enough. In today’s world where IT reliability is so critical to success, other factors have to be taken in to account:

•    Do they understand your company vision and long term goals?
•    Does your current provider use complicated IT language that confuses you?
•    Are you told you need to upgrade hardware when you know there are other options?
•    Are you given a single point of contact who can give full attention to an immediate problem?
•    Does your current IT provider know the impact that IT downtimes has on your business’s reputation?

Delivering our support service is both an ‘in-house’ team of technical specialists plus an entire network of Field Engineers dedicated to providing first class customer service. Our customer friendly team offer vendor neutral skills that excel across large and small infrastructures in demanding environments.

Our helpdesk is placed at the very front of our telephone system, meaning you usually reach an expert straight away without experiencing multiple call menus or queues. When a call is logged at our Head Office, first line support will assess the urgency of the call and who should deal with the issue. The call can then be assigned to either second line support or a site visit can be scheduled.

We can have somebody working remotely on the problem and gathering information until your engineer arrives on site at a time to suit you.