Analogue Line

PSTN (Analogue) phone lines
Choose from our range of phone lines from a basic line with no switch capabilities to a phone line with advanced callling features. 24/7 help and support included

Single PSTN Lines

Residential & Business
14.99 / month

The traditional style phone socket you see in most homes and businesses is known as a PSTN line. The single PSTN line form comes either as a residential (care level 1) or business (care level 2) form. It is these lines that can be used in conjunction with ADSL or FTTC to supply broadband connectivity to your premises.

Multi-Line PSTN

(per line)
£17.99 / month

Multi-lines differ from single lines in as much as they can’t support broadband. However, what they can deliver is one phone number, but multiple lines to call out on, or receive calls through. This can then be connected to a basic phone system to handle, which can work out cheaper than the equivalent ISDN solution.


PSTN Lines


Supplied & Supported by Openreach

The lines we provide are supplied and supported by Openreach. Openreach are part of the BT Group, but are heavily regulated to ensure that no one provider has an advantage over the other. As such we buy our lines and support from Openreach on the same basis as everyone else. Using Openreach also means that we have 100% UK coverage, and that you can choose who your broadband provider is, and not limit yourselves to just our packages.

Fully Itemised Paperless Billing

When you make calls through our lines we fully itemise each call allowing to you track spend. Alongside our standard online itemised billing you will find graphical statistics and powerful interrogation solutions providing you the ability to better understand what makes up the bulk of your call costs. To help the environment and to keep costs low we don’t send out paper copies of calls, they are solely available online.

Broadband Support

A single PSTN line can support ADSL and FTTC broadband. You are not restricted to purchasing EvoSoft broadband, but we would of course like to supply you both solutions. If you are arranging a new PSTN installation we are able to supply broadband on a simultaneous basis ensuring that once the line is live so too is your broadband connectivity.

Directory Enquiry Listing

If you would like to appear, or not to appear in the directory enquiry, as a residential or business user, then we can set how this appears. Simply contact us to make any amendments, all of which are completed without additional charge.

Short Term Contracts

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we operate our PSTN lines on 1 month contract terms. We believe that as long as we remain competitive and provide the support you require, there should be no need to restrict your line provider choice.

UK Phone & Email Support

Our support staff are highly trained in dealing with telephone support queries. Using the very latest WLR3 platform from Openreach ensures we have powerful diagnostic tools and the ability to pick appointments whilst you are on the call to us. All support is housed in the UK within our Croydon offices.

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